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Synthetic Wigs

Atlantic Hair Solutions is a local leader in synthetic hair care and wig selection. Our salon boasts an extensive collection of wigs in all colors, styles, textures, lengths, and types.

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Premium Synthetic Hair Wigs

Thanks to recent technological advances in the industry, synthetic hair wigs look just as realistic as natural hair wigs—at a fraction of the cost. We work tirelessly to source only the highest-quality wigs with the most natural-looking aesthetics.

You’ll love the low-maintenance needs of our premium synthetic wigs. All our synthetic hair products are tested for style memory and retention, meaning they require minimal effort to look groomed and flawless, even in hot, humid, or rainy weather. Human hair wigs can take hours to style and maintain.

Reclaim your time and experience the ease-of-use of one of our top-rated synthetic products.

A Full Range of Synthetic Wig Products

We believe that no one should be limited when purchasing a wig. That’s why we go to the lengths we do to procure one of the largest inventories of wigs on the market. Our salon is stocked with every style and color of hair you can imagine, all of which are priced competitively.

We source our wigs from reputable manufacturers that we’ve established strong working relationships with over the years. We’ve thoroughly researched and tested the quality of all our products so that our clientele can trust, that with us, they’re getting the very best in synthetic hair.

We also have head covering accessories and specialty items for sale to better care for your wig.

A Knowledgeable Staff of Wig Experts

Our staff members boast many years of education and training in hair care—wigs are one of our specialties. We’re passionate about helping women experience the versatility, the freedom of expression, and the fun in buying a wig.

Our salon is the first choice for a wide array of clientele. Whether you’re looking to experiment in fashion or you’re experiencing hair loss due to medical conditions such as alopecia, trichotillomania, or cancer, you can count on our staff to provide you with personalized support and compassionate help so that you can find the perfect wig.

We are the go-to experts in all things wig-related. We can teach you how to shampoo, condition, dry, style, and adjust wigs to increase their lifespan and improve their look.

Custom Wigs

Do you want a wig tailored precisely to you? Our salon is pleased to offer wig customization to our clients. Book a private consultation with us, and we’ll create and size your wig to the exact dimensions of your head. With your feedback and input, we’ll design a wig that is optimally comfortable and suited to you.

Atlantic Hair Solutions Hair Extensions

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